This is a sample of some of the bird paintings I have created over the past few years.  To see what images I have available for purchase, click on my shop. You can also contact me to commission a painting.

Out of the Darkness
Facing Fear
Lifter of My Head
Speaks to My Soul
Free Indeed
Ready To Fly
Hope in the Night
Choose Joy
When the Clouds Roll In
The Calm After The Storm
Hope in the Night
Hope in the Night-Detail
I Remember Your Words When It Rains
Detail image of "I Remember"
Hope in the Moonlight
Facing Fear II
Facing Fear II_detail
After The Storm II
You Can Fly
You Can Fly_detail
The Word Collector
New Every Morning
Morning Light
Into the Clouds
He Collects My Words
Peace Has Come
In the Morning
In the Morning_Detail
Spread Your Wings
Spread Your Wings_Detail
Spring Will Come
Detail of "Spring Will Come"
A Misunderstanding
Detail of "A Misunderstanding"
Sparrow's Words
Finally Free
After the Storm
Words I Hold dear
Detail of "Words I Hold Dear"
When I Found Her Words
Blue Bird (present,rock,light)
Red Bird (light, bear, lean, express
Breaking Free

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Facing Fear II

20" x 16" Acrylic on Canvas Sometimes we are so afraid of falling, we forget we can fly. This warbler is perched on a cliff, looking down, full of fear. This paining is a reminder that we need to get off the cliff, let go of our fears and fly, even if we're not sure what the future holds. It is inspired by learning to trust God. The background is layered with palette knife techniques, washes and removal of paint to represent the passage of time.