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Face Fear & Find Freedom

A Digital Course by Mel Kistner

A 5-Step Framework 
to Help You
Reduce Anxiety & Trust God More

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Do you struggle with fear or negative thoughts?

Do you want to trust God consistently but don't know how?

Are you looking for effective strategies to help you reduce anxiety that are grounded in the Word of God?

Join me and learn:

  • New ways to identify and change negative thought patterns.


  • How to calm your body and retrain your brain to focus on truth.


  • How to root your identity in Christ and not in your circumstances.


  • Practical tips and effective strategies for reducing anxiety.

  • How to identify common thinking errors that get us stuck in worry and fear and how to correct them


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Hi!   I'm Mel

I've designed this course based on my years of exprience as a clinical counselor and Christian to teach you effective strategies rooted in the truth of the Word of God so you can get freedom from fear!

For over 12 years, I worked as a licensed clinical therapist helping clients with a variety of mental health issues.  I'm a Christian and a professional artist creating visual reminders of hope and truth. I am passionate about combining practical tools with the truth of the Bible to help others break free from fear and experience true freedom in Christ.

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My 5-Step Framework includes the following modules:

1. Firm Foundation - How to live with your identity rooted in Christ, using the Word of God to transform your mind and learning the weapons God has given us to fight the battle in our minds.

2. Finding Rest - Learning about how our brain, breathing, muscles and hormones work when we are stressed and what to do about it so we can experience consistent peace. How nutrition, hormones and daily habits impact our mental health.

3. Facing Fear - How to identify triggers, re-write automatic thoughts and transform our minds. Learn ways to apply the truth of the Bible to create new positive cycles and retrain your brain.

4. Feeling Free - Learn ways to identify, express and respond to your emotions in healthy ways so you can stop reacting and live by truth.

5. Forging New Paths - Develop new rhythms and patterns so you can apply these strategies giving yourself grace in the process. Tips and strategies to put all these principles and tools into practice consistently so you can walk into freedom and do what God is calling you to.

How is the Course Structured?

  • 5 Modules plus an intro and bonuses.


  • Short, manageable training videos in each module.

  • Worksheets and printables to practice and apply key concepts.

  • Bible verses and guides to encourage your journey


You can Face Fear & Find Freedom

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 Freedom From:

  • Worries that overhwhelm and keep you stuck
  • Negative thought cycles that are based on false beliefs
  • Lies that keep you from trusting God consistently
Learn to:
  • Identify triggers quickly and respond in new ways.
  • Change thought patterns so you can focus on truth.
  • Relax your mind and body to receive God's peace even when you are faced with stress and challenging circumstances.
  • Develop new neural pathways by consistently practicing new responses to triggers.
  • Consistently use the tools God has given us to fight the battle in our minds.

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