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Art has always been a way for me to communicate with others and find hope. When I was a child, I filled notebooks with drawings of faces, thinking about their stories and what they might say if I met them. When I was in high school, I experienced some health issues and art was a way I could express my feelings in order to cope with what I was experiencing. I went to art school for college and through my paintings I saw images emerge that lead to a correct medical diagnosis. It was then that I saw the power of art, both in the process and the product. 


After getting my BA in painting from the Art Institute of Chicago, I went to graduate school for art therapy so I could help others use the healing power of art. I worked as a clinical therapist for 12 years before leaving to focus on painting while I homeschooled my children. My work as a therapist informed my artwork as I learned more about how thought, emotion and behavior intersect in everyday life.  God has used art to reveal himself to me, to teach, challenge and change me in unexpected ways. My hope is that through my work others will be challenged and encouraged to ponder the ways God may reveal himself in their lives. 


Let Your Walls Speak


What does the artwork you have hanging on your wall communicate? I grew up in a home with parents who loved the arts and I'm thankful they encouraged my creative gifts. They purchased art that made them think or captivated them visually and didn't just try to match their couch. Many of the paintings and sculptures they have continue to spark interesting conversations with those who visit their home. I also aim to have my walls filled with meaningful images that impact my thoughts and communicate with others. I create images that will allow you to let your walls speak messages that encourage, challenge and bring hope to viewers. Let your walls speak.


Art with a Purpose


I’m passionate about helping others. I give 10 percent of all my sales to The Cries of A Child, an organization that serves poverty stricken communities in Burundi, Africa with the love of God. They have family based children’s homes for those abandoned and orphaned, community outreach programs and a hospital that serves hundreds of people each month including mothers and babies.


I also volunteer at a community food pantry and outreach program and give to other charitable organizations monthly that help those in need. God has given me a gift to paint and I want to use it to encourage others and give back to those most vulnerable and in need. 

Thanks for visiting!


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