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Commission a one-of-a-kind artwork that has personal meaning or tells your story.

I love the collaborative process of commissions because  see a unique image is created that I never would have come to myself and it helps bring your vision to life so you can use that visual reminder for years to come to communicate your message to others in your space.

"A Voice Calling In the Wilderness"
24"x30" Acrylic on Canvas. Commissioned painting, 2023


Commissions start with an email and then phone conversation to discuss your interest and ideas. I have created new versions of my existing paintings for poeple with new colors or in different sizes, I have created paintings based on expereinces people have had, their favorite things in nature, ideas they wish to incporporate, or images they want to use. I also have created a painting for a counseling waiting room that involved incorpirating thier uniqu history and a message they wanted clients to see in their waiting room. 


We will start by discussing your ideas to see if it is a good fit for both of us.

Then we can discuss size, budget and deadlines. I will create a small preliminary painting and we go from there to make changes to composition and color to ensure you end up with a piece you love and can enjoy for years. 

Contact Me!
I'd love to hear your ideas and collaborate!

Thanks for sending me a message! 

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