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I'm putting my skills as a former clinical therapist together with my expereinces as an artist and Christian to create helpful resources to help you on your journey to get freedom from anxiety and fear. These are not a substitute for counseling or medical treatment. But I'd love to encourage you with some tips and strategies that I've used as a counselor and in my own life to transform my thoughts and live in freedom.

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10 Bible Verses for Christians with Anxiety
& How to Use Them
to Stop Negative Thought Spirals

I've created a FREE guide full of Bible verses, a page of tips and a worksheet to help you stop negative thought cycles. 

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"Fear Not" printable workbook for Kids
Activities to help kids identify and express emotions in healthy ways

I've created a 24 page printable workbook full of Bible verses, worksheets, activites and coloring sheets to help kids learn about emotions. $15 for the PDF workbook.

"Face Fear & Find Freedom"
Digital Course

A 5-Step Framework to help you Reduce Anxiety and Trust God More. 

Learn practical strategies and effective tools grounded in biblical truth to stop negative thought spirals, increase peace and live in freedom. 

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