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Beyond the Rain Clouds

When you are in a difficult season in life it can be hard to imagine days without struggle. You are focused on the current, overwhelming situation and it seems hard to be positive. I'm so thankful that there is Hope beyond what we can see and experience in the moment or even in the current year. My new series is inspired by the hope that lies beyond the rain clouds of life.

I never intended to paint clouds. I was seeking hope in challenging circumstances and was captured by the description of God's glory in the Old Testament (Exodus 33). God comes to speak to Moses in a "pillar of cloud". He says to Moses, "My presence will go with you and I will give you rest." I started picturing how his Glory is an ever present hope, even when we don't see it. Our human condition limits us to linear time and we often get stuck on what we can see.

In this new "Glory" cloud series, I am trying to give a visual reminder that there is hope beyond our current difficulties. I'm painting dripping rain clouds at the bottom and then a bright "Glory" cloud above that seems to be pouring out its bright contents. I'm still in the experimenting stage and know that my process will change as I explore ways to communicate this concept. I am not able to fully perceive God's glory, but I know that I need more of Him in my daily life, especially as we face difficult or dark times. My paintings reflect that as well by not being completely realistic. I like having enough realism to communicate my idea but still leave areas gestural and loose to create feelings of joy and movement.

I don't want to minimize any difficulty, illness or loss that you may be experiencing. Some things on this earth are just heart-wrenching and troubling to understand. I do know that God is bigger than all of it and his grace and peace can calm us even in the toughest circumstances. As we face things in life, I reach out for His hope one day at a time. Sounds trite to say that but honestly some days I'm frustrated about current circumstances and then I read or see something that reminds me this is not all there is. Sometimes it's an image like this one. I try to change my perspective and trust that I'm in his hands and that one day I'll understand more of what his "Glory" is all about.


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