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Acrylic on Canvas 40"H x 30"W x 1.5"D

The needs of a young girl and her sibling in India are overshadowed by an archway full of bulls. The archway echoes religious iconography and the cows represent the sacred cow in India. My aim is to question what we hold sacred and those points when religious behaviors get in the way of loving and serving others. Part of my "For the Least of These" series which focuses on the needs of impoverished children and underserved populations around the world. The limited color palette The limited color palette echoes the limits faced by children who are lacking basic needs like food, clean drinking water and security. Inspired by Matthew 25:37-40.

In the Shadow of the Sacred


This painitng comes wired and ready to hang. The sides are painted white and have a depth of 1.5 inches.  The painting is varnished with a satin varnish that protects it from UV damage. 

This item ships in a cardboard art box. 

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