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When the Clouds Roll In


Acrylic on Canvas 16"H x 20"W x 0.75"D
Comes in a black frame.

This painting has been coated with a satin varnish to protect it from UV rays. 

“When the Clouds Roll In” is about trusting God when dark times come into our lives unexpectedly. When I painted this piece, I was in the midst of a bird series about being intentional using dual meaning words on the tags and I was having difficulty figuring out what this tag was going to say. I needed to finish the painting to show it at an event and started praying in my studio about what that tag should say. I ended up having a powerful time of worship and prayer and afterwards thought the tag should say “right here”. What? That doesn’t make sense. After feeling like this is what this calm little bird should have in its mouth, I completed the painting. Then I understood. So often in difficult times I want ANSWERS and NEED to know what to do. Where do I go when the clouds roll in? Where should I turn? “Right here.” Where? Right? Left? “Right here.” Be still in God’s presence. That’s where God wanted me. In that place where I was desperate for an answer, seeking him, praising him, waiting for his voice. 
And He wants me in that place now too.

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