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Be Transformed...

Inspirational Fine Art
& Mental Health Resources
Rooted in Biblical Truth


Want to live a life filled with hope and joy no matter what you are going through?

If you're like me, you need some encouragement along the way.

The art I create is intended to be an external, visual reminder of truth and hope in your space.

As a former counselor and current coach, I know that sometimes we also need practical tools to transform our minds so we can live with peace and confidence. 

I've designed some practical mental health resources so you can trust God more as you transform your mind and find freedom from fear.

Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to connecting with you.


~Visual Reminders of Truth and Hope~

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Face Fear & Fly

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Are you a Christian looking for a wholistic approach to mental health rooted in Biblical truth? 
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A Digital Course

A 5-Step Framework to help you Reduce Anxiety

Learn practical strategies and effective tools grounded in biblical truth to stop negative thought spirals, increase peace and live in freedom. A wholistic spirit, body, soul approach to finding freedom from fear so you can spend less time in your head worrying and more time living fully in the moments God puts before you.

Work with Me!

Now offering Christian mental health coaching

and life coaching services

Book a free discovery call or schedule an initial session.

Let's develop a plan to thrive!

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