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Face Fear & Fly Panel #3 (Flying Free)

PriceFrom $36.00

Face Fear & Fly is a triptych about facing fear and finding freedom.

This is a giclee print of panel #3 (Flying Free) of the Triptych.

Sometimes we are so afraid of falling we forget we can fly.

My original painting "Facing Fear" was similar to the first panel of Face Fear & Fly and I wanted to show the bird taking flight and breaking free from fear. In this image, the bird is soaring in freedom and trusting God for what lies ahead. When we are stuck on a cliff of fear, God sees us like this bird- created to fly.   We need to step out and trust him as we fly into becoming who He has created us to be.  This is a visual reminder we can have on our walls to remind us we can face our fears and learn to trust God more so we can live freely as He created us. 

Created with many layers of paint and texture in the background to represent the passage of time. 

Also sold as part of my set of 3 prints of the Face Fear & Fly triptych in my print collection.

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