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Teach Me To Fish - Print

PriceFrom $29.00

Giclee print on Archival Fine Art paper of my original painting. 
Size refers to paper size. 8"x10" has a 1/2" border and the other sizes have a 1" border around the image for easy framing. 

A boy from the Bukeye region of Burundi, Africa holds a fishing pole while stopped in a moment of contemplation. He lives in a poor area and often goes hungry. The fish at the bottom represent the possibility for him to learn skills to sustain himself and for his community to thrive when provided with resources and opportunities. This painting was done from a photo given to me by the Cries of A Child ministry in Burundi. This painting is part of my "For the Least of These" series which focuses on the needs of impoverished children around the world. The limited color palette echoes the limits faced by children who are lacking basic needs like food, clean drinking water and security. My desire is to draw the viewer into the needs of these children and question their own involvement in providing for or responding to “The Least of These.”

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